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Shorts: Truth Be Told

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A programme of short documentaries unearthing hidden pasts and untold stories.


Elephant Food is for the Strongest Teeth (15min)
Michael Kinsella-Perks, Will McBain, UK

In Kano City, Northern Nigeria, crowds gather to watch local heroes face off in the ancient Hausa martial art of Dambe. Part battle, part dance, part live mythology, it’s a cultural tradition that has survived and thrived in the region, despite invasion, famine, British colonialism and attacks by Boko Haram. 


Keith (15min)
AF Webb, UK

The true story of how Keith Eldred came to own a former nuclear weapons storage site in East Anglia.

Occupying East Ham Library (34min)
Dean Cooper, UK

“I think how people see squatting and how it actually is, is a bit different”. John Passmore Edwards Library in East Ham was built for the poor by Victorian philanthropist John Passmore Edwards, left empty by Newham Council it’s now occupied by a group of squatters. They tell the story of the building, their relationship with the council and the struggle to hold on to it through the courts.

Machine Age (7min)
Sarah Stirk, UK

Machine Age is a visceral experience of the mechanized world of industrial egg production. Using investigative material, this short film immerses us into the sights and sounds of life behind the walls of a factory farm.





Director: VARIOUS

Running Time: 70min

Year: 2021

Cert: 15


All short films programmes will be available to view online from 1-7th November. Book a digital shorts pass to access them all.

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