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Margate Film Festival is looking for a new team of enthusiastic volunteers to help shape the 2024 festival. Get in touch for more information.


Festival Team

Creative Director: Kate Williamson
Features Programmer: Mark Donaldson
Programming Assistant: Hester Yang
Marketing & Press: Twinkle Troughton
Graphic Design: Sam Bristow Bell
Web Design: Kate Williamson

2021 Pre-selectors

Alem Dauletkulov, Barry Thompson, Dan Stewkesbury, David Morris, Robyn Ford, Emily Wallis, Hester Yang, Kate Stocker-Wright, Kit Proudfoot, Maria Ann Hylton, Megan Foster Rose, Millie Bambridge, Nathan Cullen, Nicola Daley, Rebecca Wigmore, Rosie Baldwin, Ruby Tipple, Sarah Heenan.


Mounira Almenoar
Corinna Downing
Joshua Ryan

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