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Shorts: Passing Ships

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A dark & humorous programme of shorts exploring the transient relationships of strangers.

A selection of drama and comedy films delving into the darker side of friends and strangers alike. From friendly competition to unfortunate curses, these individuals must seek redemption… or suffer the consequences.


Offro io
Paola Minaccioni, Italy (12min)

A quiet exit between two couples of friends from Rome well degenerates into a ruthless and violent struggle that nobody is willing to lose. In fact, an apparent harmless gesture of courtesy triggers a surreal escalation of generosity, transforming what was supposed to be a relaxing evening with old friends, into a crazy and surreal challenge to the last tip.

Ned & Me
Lorna Nickson Brown, UK (18min)

An elderly man meets a young woman in a café, and the deal that follows will alter their lives forever. Ned & Me explores the complexity of euthanasia and human transactions.

The Dead Ones
Stefan Georgiou, UK (20mins)

In the world of The Dead Ones, those whose lives are cut short by violence do not disappear, they live to haunt the person who killed them.

Ethan Barsh, Andy Barsh, USA (22min)

Withdrawn from society due to his unusual condition, a high school aged boy navigates life in the small town of Northampton. Accustomed to solitude, every interaction is inconsequential, until he catches the glance of someone worth meeting.


Director: VARIOUS

Running Time: 70min

Year: 2021

Cert: 15

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