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Shorts: Our Natural World (Family Friendly + Activities)

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A programme of short animations exploring the world around us. From the icy chills of the arctic to the busy beaches and deep down into the ocean – these films are suitable for the whole family and ask us: how are we affecting the earth and what can we do to protect it?



A Whales Tale, 3min (5+)
Perched, 10min (5+)
Leave a Print (5min) (5+)
Fishwitch 10min (7+)
Spindrift (11min) (5+)
Heatwave (7min) (8+)

Suitable for family viewing but Parental Guidance recommended. Please note these films do not have BBFC ratings are our age ranges are only suggestions. Each film includes a content warning which we recommend parents review before showing films to younger viewers.


In partnership with Rise Up Clean Up Margate – a new community-led initiative set up to tackle the issues of little on Margate beaches.

Visit their website to find out more about how you can get involved locally and help keep our oceans clean!


Plus! Kids activities you can do at home:


Country: Various

Running Time: Aprox 45mins

Year: 2016-2020

Cert: PG*

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