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Shorts: From This Point

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This year’s local short films open the festival, exploring the small and often radical impact we can have on the world and each other.

A selection of drama, documentary, comedy and animation short films which take a look at the lives of individuals in Kent. From the softly spoken activists to the armchair critics, the overlooked workforce to the future generation; these are our people, this is our home, and everybody has an opinion.

All films are by filmmakers living, working or studying in Kent or shot on location in the local area.



When The Tides Went Down
Jordan Buckner, UK (4min)

As climate change threatens our future, how do we come to terms with the end of our existence? When the Tides Went Down is a short animation exploring our different responses to these turbulent times. 

Swan Lake Bath Ballet

Corey Baker, UK (3min)

27 elite dancers from around the world perform a new take on Swan Lake from their own (filled) bath tubs. Filmed entirely remotely during COVID-19


Yero Timi-Biu, UK (5min)

Four isolated residents of a seaside town connect with each other in an unexpected way.


Above All
Reuben Armstrong, Jamie Frye, UK (8min)

The story of the surprising link between Margate and the Cuban Missile Crisis, which took place 60 years ago. The world was never been closer to nuclear war than this moment.


This England
George Taylor, UK (10min)

Disillusioned by the England she finds herself in, a young immigrant seizes on a risky opportunity, joining a group of farm workers in the English countryside. ‘This England’ looks at the British people’s myth of themselves, and asks “what does it mean to belong here?”


From a Strange Land
Caroline Steinbeis, UK (7min)

An inquisitive retiree surprises her new neighbours to say hello; what she wasn’t expecting is that they would all be naked. A short film about over-stepping the line and how we find common ground.


Walk Out
Sam Williams, UK (17min)

In a deserted seaside town during a harsh winter, twenty-something metal detectorist, bets his future on what the tide brings in. With a daughter to support and rampant unemployment, he must make a tough decision. Risk the journey across the sea or make one last stab at hitting it big.



Director: VARIOUS

Running Time: 70min

Year: 2021

Cert: 15

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