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Shorts: Artistic Licence

27-29th Nov | Online | ★ International

From the greatest cinematographers ever lived, to the first Black woman to join the Magic Circle – these films explore what it means to be an artist, the freedom of self expression and the legacy of what we create.




We Were Fools For Thinking It Was Going To Be Fun
Plural Authorship Collective, 17min (BELGIUM/USA)

When Better Letters Met Barbara Enright
Lewis Eyers-Stott, 11mins (AUSTRALIA)

Bradford Young : Cinema Is The Weapon
Corine Dhondee, 8mins (UK)

Sissy Fatigue
Olivia Norris, Jackie Pratt & Gonnerheous Reese, Oscar Oldershaw & Joseph Campbell, 6min (UK/SPAIN)

Celia Willis, Emily Stein, 2min (UK)

Reclaiming the Negative
Mike Beech, 13min (UK)


Country: Various

Running Time: Aprox 55mins

Year: 2020

Cert: 18

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