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Shorts: Artist Moving Image

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A double bill of artist moving image & experimental works. Pop in-and-out throughout the weekend.


Part I: Self//Other 

These works explore the relationship between artist and subject, self and other. How do we present ourselves and how do others perceive us?

Figure to Ground – a site losing its system
Felicity Allen, UK (12min)

You Know Nothing of My Work
Guy Oliver, UK (33min)

Unknown Hand
Saul Pankhurst, UK (4min)

I am Here 
Eve Johnson, UK (10min)


Part II: Grounded 

These moving image pieces look into the relationships between self and nature; how are we shaped by our environments and how can we live in harmony with the world around us?

Oh My Water
Myriam Rey (3MIN)

Looking for Somewhere
Luke Ogden (5min)

A Place for Sailors
Daniel Georgiev (4min)

Into a Several World 
Julia Schauerman, Jean Hogg and Nicola Schauerman, UK (5min)

Gazes from Beyond the Grave
Susanne Dietz, UK/Germany (10min)

If I could name you myself (I would hold you forever)

Hope Strickland, UK (8min)


Director: VARIOUS

Running Time: 90 mins

Year: 2021

Cert: 12A


All short films programmes will be available to view online from 1-7th November. Book a digital shorts pass to access them all.

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