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Hail Satan?

Sun 27 Oct | 20:30 | Tom Thumb Theatre |

“A devilishly funny documentary that blends improbable imagery, self-awareness and religious provocation with a genuine sense of political purpose. ★★★★” – Ben Travis, Empire Magazine

Chronicling the extraordinary rise of one of the most colourful and controversial religious movements in American history, Hail Satan? is an inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon).

As charming and funny as it is thought-provoking, Hail Satan? offers a timely look at a group of often misunderstood outsiders whose unwavering commitment to social and political justice has empowered thousands of people around the world.

Religious plurality is a cornerstone of constitutional freedom, and sometimes it takes a protester wearing Day-Glo-pink horns to remind us of that.” – Time Out


Director: Penny Lane

Country: USA

Running Time: 95min

Year: 2019

Cert: 15

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