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When a neofascist politician puts immigrants into a ghetto, his adopted son helps the brutally oppressed people fight back. 

The leader of the country, called Pharaoh (who is plagued by voices), declares war upon society’s ‘undesirables’. Drug abusers, refugees, criminals and the homeless are all considered equally worthless and entered into a restricted ghetto, called ‘Dreamland’ (set in a then dilapidated fun fair of that name, since restored), where they cannot leave. When Moses learns he was adopted by Pharaoh and is actually the son of an asylum seeker, he shuns his life of privilege to lead the ghetto’s inhabitants in a revolt against his father.

Filmed entirely in Thanet, featuring artwork by Anthony Gormley

This event will be followed by a Q&A with Director Penny Woolcock & star Stephen Spooka Ericson

Local Film


Director: Penny Woolcock

Country: UK

Running Time: 1hr 40min

Year: 2007

Cert: 15

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