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Our Most Brilliant Friends

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“Our Most Brilliant Friends is a film that finds a lingering elegance in the tedium of tour life – the lugging of gear, the bickering, the laughter, the moments of quite extraordinary beauty. ”


For over 10 years Charles and Rebecca were the beloved indie band Slow Club.

In the winter of 2016, while beginning to question their future together, they embarked on a tour of the UK.

Slow Club are magic live, but as the van is loaded and unloaded across the country, conflicting perspectives push them apart. Is this the end of their journey together?

Our Most Brilliant Friends is a unique and painfully honest portrait of life in a band. Piers Dennis’ uncensored access (shot in stark black & white) provides a funny, heartbreaking and intimate documentary that unflinchingly observes the brilliance and fragilities of Charles & Rebecca’s partnership.

“A wonderful insight into a genuinely special band” CLASH MAGAZINE



Directed by Piers Dennis
Staring: Rebecca Lucy Taylor & Charles Watson
Music by Slow Club


Director: Piers Dennis

Country: UK 

Language: ENGLISH


Running Time: 67min

Year: 2017

Cert: 12A

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