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Unapologetic (+ Shy Radicals)

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Set during the height of the Movement for Black Lives in Chicago, ‘Unapologetic’ captures a community of millennial organizers confronting an administration complicit in state violence against its Black residents.

After two police killings, Black millennial organizers challenge a Chicago administration complicit in state violence against its Black residents. Told through the lens of Janaé and Bella, two fierce abolitionist leaders, Unapologetic is a deep look into the Movement for Black Lives, from the police murder of Rekia Boyd to the election of mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“A Love Letter to the Movement for Black Lives” – Variety


+ Short film ‘Shy Radicals’ (22mins) by local director Tom Dream and soundtrack by Art School Girlfriend.

Shy Radicals is a portrait of revolutionary world-maker Hamja Ahsan and the story behind his remarkable political manifesto, which calls for all shy, quiet, and introverted people to unify and overthrow Extrovert-Supremacy. The documentary follows Hamja as he deals with the trauma and despair of his brother Talha’s extradition case, whilst traveling the world inspiring others through his art and activism.

In his book Shy Radicals, Hamja Ahsan has not simply created an artwork, he has created a world that blurs the boundaries between creator and creation; between reality and an imagined fiction in which he is a leading character.


Director:Ashley O’Shay

Country: USA

Language: ENGLISH



Running Time: 22min + 86min

Year: 2020

Cert: 12A



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