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As Above, So Below

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An immersive audio-visual installation by Melanie King, Amy Cutler and Sapphire Goss, which explores the micro and macro scales of Margate.

This multi-faceted installation will inspire you to look up to the sky, whilst simultaneously directing your attention to the microcosms below your feet. Inspired by the deranged scales of super-funded nature documentary – which easily toggles between micro biotic life-forms and wide overviews of planetary survival – we collapse scales in our audio-visual display of the Margate sky and coastline.

This installation draws together stationary and mobile scales of boundary, from shifting tidal zones and  vintage Margate landscapes, to constellations of light on water, and infrared film capturing living surfaces.


Melanie King is an artist and curator with a specific focus on astronomy. Melanie is based at Resort Studios in Margate. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and the London Alternative Photography Collective.  She is a lecturer on the MA programme at the Royal College of Art, and on the BA Photography course at University of West London. Melanie is a PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art.

Melanie’s solo exhibitions include Bloomsbury Festival, Leeds Art University and the Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London. She has exhibited in group shows at The Photographers’ Gallery, Argentea Gallery, Guest Projects, Space Studios and the Sidney Cooper Gallery. Melanie has also exhibited in a wide range of international galleries, such as the Hasselblad Foundation, Sweden, Unseen Amsterdam, the Williamson Gallery in Los Angeles and CAS Gallery in Japan.  Melanie has attended residencies organised by Bio Art Society Finland,  Lay of the Land Ireland, Joya Arte and Ecologica, Spain, Bow Arts, Grizedale Forest and SIM Reykjavik, Iceland.



Amy Cutler is an artist, cultural geographer, curator, writer, and film-maker who works with ideas of geography and nonhuman others. In her career in the GeoHumanities she has completed a PhD, a post-doc, and an ECR fellowship, and during this time she has exhibited her work or run live events with organisations including the BBC, Somerset House, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Sheffield Institute of Arts, the Wellcome Trust, the Horniman Museum, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Late Junction, Tate Modern, the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Horse Hospital, the Natural History Museum, and Kew Museum of Economic Botany. Her geography training impacts her work as an artist, performer, and curator, and she works frequently on the production of immersive and live cinema and exhibition events provoking and changing the public conversation around ideas of space, geography, and nature-cultures. She currently lectures in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths, University of London.



Artist-filmmaker Sapphire Goss creates experimental videoscapes for commissions, installations, exhibitions and live events around the UK and internationally. Her films depict chimerical worlds – landscapes, bodies, cities, rooms  – elements from mismatched times, places, scales and materials sutured together in the same frame. Not quite fully dislocated from reality but subluxed, the joints of construction are exposed: sometimes the seams are stylistic, sometimes the stitches are imperceptible. You could be seduced into thinking this is a real scene or real archive, but these places never existed. They are collages of artificial worlds that hover somewhere between the remembered, the dreamed and the might-have-been.Using obsolete technological methods and material techniques, footage is looped and processed until colours and shapes shift and become hyperreal and distorted. This is an ‘analogue uncanny’: scratchy, grainy and shimmering. Her densely layered films evolve from both innovative processes and collaborative methods, including making films with multiple participants. Whether using physical elements such as paper, broken glass or real plants, multiple channels that feedback in endless combinations or elements that are sound/data responsive, she creates kaleidoscopic audiovisual works that grow, decay and live beyond the screen. Sapphire is based in Folkestone.

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Location: Resort Studios (Project Space)

Dates: 23rd – 27th October

Opening Hours: 5-9pm daily


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