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Margate Film Festival is looking for a new team of enthusiastic volunteers to help shape the 2024 festival. View Opportunities for more information.


An ongoing collection of short films available to watch online for free, documenting the widespread injustice against Black communities around the world.

Shorts: Artistic Licence

These films explore what it means to be an artist, the freedom of self expression and the legacy of what we create.

Shorts: Coasting Along

These films bring together a collection of characters living by the coast who find themselves drifting through life, caught up in the tides. 

The Sea Belongs To Us

A programme of short films exploring our complex relationship with the sea. How are we shaped by the sea and how us our dependance damaging the ocean? Free Entry

A Change Of Fate

From the young minds who defy the church, to the runaways and the dis-believers, these films playfully rebel against expectation with a hint of magic, mischief and mystery.

Local Shorts: The Unimagined

From surrealist mobs and missionaries to heartfelt memories, this collection of short films celebrates the wild imaginations of Kent filmmakers. 

Brexit & Beyond

There's a fine line between comedy and tragedy... and these films will make you laugh out loud yet leave you questioning and uncomfortable. 
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