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They Came In Crowded Boats

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An uncomfortable journey from the riskiest corners of the Middle-East to our closest neighbourhoods, exploring how migration is shaping the modern world.

A collection of short films that explore the motivations, challenges and perceptions of global migration and refugee stories. Part of Platforma Festival.


They Came in Crowded Boats and Trains
Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio | 20min | Finland

Safe Space
Ben S. Hyland | 8min | UK

Edward Watts | 19min | UK

Jessie Ayles | 5min | UK

Are You Volleyball?!
Mohammad Bakhshi | 15min | Iran


Introduced by Razia Shariff from Kent Regugee Action Network.

Followed by ‘The Accidental Activist’ talk with Kavel Rafferty at 101 Social.


* ‘Waves explores the effects that gender based violence and femicide in South Africa have on young people, and while migration is not economically viable for those within these communities, these levels of violence and sexual attacks can be a motivator for migration in other similarly challenged parts of the world’.


Country: Varied

Running Time: 67min 

Cert: 18

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